You’ve booked your tickets and you’re on your way to gorgeous Sydney – congratulations!

For many, visiting Sydney is a once in a lifetime experience. Is this you? If so, you probably want to take in the best that Sydney has to offer in your relatively short period of time here.

This site is dedicated to helping you do just that. Between the gorgeous beaches, the fabulous museums, the world-famous sights and the seriously great caf├ęs, you’re going to have to make some decisions about where to spend your time and money.

So, how can we help? We are a husband and wife team who love Sydney. Ben was born and raised in Sydney and, while his professional life has taken him in other directions, he is a Sydney tour guide at heart. Deborah is American born but is now a proud Australian citizen who first spent time in Sydney well over 30 years ago.

We love to share information about Sydney’s top attractions (as well as some of those insider secret spots), so please check back regularly to learn about great new opportunities and things to do in Sydney, Australia.

Alright mate, get to it and have a bonzer time on your holiday!