The Sydney Jet Thrill Ride Of Your Life

The Sydney Jet Thrill Ride Adventure can be described in one word, exhilarating. The Sydney Jet Thrill Ride is a 35 minute thrilling jet ride that leaves from Cockle Bay, in Darling Harbor Sydney. There is no doubt that this 35 minute thrilling jet ride will have your heart pumping and adrenaline flowing. If you are visiting the beautiful city of Sydney then you need to put aside some time to go on this ride.

The jet ride will depart from the very calm waters of Darling Harbor. In a short period of time however the monstrously sized engines will begin to roar and you will be speeding along at a tremendous velocity. The jet ride will allow you to see some incredible sites as you hot lap the Sydney Harbor. You will need to hold on to the bar once the driver unleashes the incredible power of the boat’s massive diesel engines.

From awesome spins and radical fish tales to sweeping slides, this thrilling ride will provide you with a sampling of what a thrilling jet boat ride is all about. As mentioned previously, you will also be able to enjoy a sightseeing tour of Sydney Harbor. Some of the sights that you will see include the Sydney Harbor Bridge, the Sydney Opera House, Bradley’s Head, Luna Park, and Kirrbilli.

To capture all of the wonderful facial expressions while going through various maneuvers you will be pleased to know that there are high-tech cameras on board. From fits of laughter to facial fears these high-tech cameras will capture the special moments of the event so that you can enjoy it years later. You will be able to purchase video footage or single images after your ride.

The costs for this incredible adventure are $85 for adults and $49 for children under 16 years of age. A family of 4 can save a few dollars by purchasing a family pass for $219. To book this incredible adventure, it is simply a matter of calling their Sydney Jet hotline or by emailing them. You can visit their website for all of their contact information.

Sydney Jet Thrill Rides is a dynamic company that has the goal of providing their customers with a fun, unique and adventurous jet boat ride around Sydney Harbor. Passenger satisfaction and safety are their main objectives throughout the ride. You can take advantage of charter options for parties, large groups, buck and hen days, or corporate team building. Group activities and parties can even include a fantastic lunch.

There are many wonderful testimonials found on their website from people who have enjoyed this thrilling jet boat ride. One gentleman mentioned that there was nothing in his life that compared to his jet boat experience. Many of those who have experienced this adventure comment on the staff. They say that the staff are friendly, helpful, and simply fantastic.

Therefore, if you want to spend the best 35 minutes of your life then you should take advantage of a thrilling jet boat ride if you ever have an opportunity to visit Sydney, Australia.