WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo Adventure

The Wild Life Sydney Zoo is a must see destination if you have an opportunity to visit the beautiful city of Sydney. The zoo is an all weather attraction with both outdoor and indoor displays and exhibits. The zoo recommends at least a couple of hours to walk through the many attractions. However, beware that the last possible admission will occur one hour before closing time.

To make your visit more enjoyable it is important to know about the feeding schedules and daily talks. There is also an excellent restaurant called Outback Adventures Café where you can relax and enjoy coffee, snacks, and hot food. The zoo also has a gift shop that is accessible for both non-paying and paying visitors. The The Wild Life Sydney Zoo is located next door to the well-known Sea Life Sydney Aquarium.

If you decide to visit the zoo on a weekend or during a peak holiday period then you may experience longer lines. Therefore, you will need to be aware of the extra time that this may take and this will be especially true if you are bringing young children. The standard opening hours for the zoo are 9:30 AM to 5 PM every day of the year. Some holiday dates where there will be longer lineups include school holidays from December 16 to January 29. Other holidays include the Queens Birthday, Labor Day, Christmas Day, and Boxing Day.

The zoo is broken down into a variety of zones. These various zones will allow you to have an Australian Animal Adventure within the heart of a major city. Some of the various zones include Kangaroo Walkabout, Devil’s Den, Butterfly Tropics, Gumtree Valley, Wallaby Cliffs, and Nightfall. As you walk along in your animal adventure you will encounter a variety of exciting animals including daring Tasmanian devils, cute koalas, deadly snakes, colorful birds, and so much more.

For example, the Kangaroo Walkabout zone features a quokka, western gray kangaroos, agile wallabies, princes parrots, and echidnas. You will also be treated to an interactive show called the Aussie Animal Encounter. The entire family will enjoy learning some interesting facts about Davey the quokka and the kangaroo duo of Matilda and Dot.

Butterfly Tropics is an adventure that will truly be remembered for many, many years. In Butterfly Tropics you are going to be astounded at the diverse range of beautiful butterflies that live in a tropical habitat. You definitely are going to enjoy these beautiful butterflies as they flitter throughout tropical palms and luscious ferns. You may even see a colorful python sunning himself on a rock or tropical vine. To top it off, you can experience the life of a crocodile as they laze around a tropical pool.

Devils Den is the home to Bub and Topsy who are Tasmanian Devils. Tasmanian Devils are a critically endangered species and if you talk nicely to the zoo keeper, you may have an opportunity to see Bub and Topsy eat their lunch. However remember, do not forget to spend some time at Gumtree Valley, Wallaby Cliffs, Daintree Rainforest, and Kakadu Gorge.